Our Sustainable Development in 2018: key achievements & indicators

Our Sustainability report for 2018 has not been translated into English as a whole.

Two large extracts of the French & Dutch reports are available and can be downloaded below. 

CSR-related indicators

This 12-page document gives you an overview of most CSR-related indicators published in the report: ethics, governance, service quality, renewable energy production, carbon footprint and footprint reduction actions, air quality, waste management, biodiversity, health & safety, training & development, diversity, innovation, financial results, etc.

Luminus CSR indicators overview 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 161.8 KB

Key achievements in 2018

This 36-page document highlights key CSR-related achievements, in line with the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations.

Topics developed include Dialogue with Stakeholders, Energy solutions, Security of Supply, Renewable energy, Carbon footprint reduction, Ecosystem protection, Wellbeing at work, etc.

Luminus Key achievements 2018.pdf
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Feedback on our CSR report

Our GRI-report is intended for all our stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, opinion leaders, media, sustainable development specialists, etc.

All comments, questions or suggestions for improvement can be sent to the adress csr@edfluminus.be.